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About Speed Athletics Track Club

Speed Athletics Track Club (SATC) is a registered Non-Profit Organization, officially formed in September 2019 for the purpose of uniting, organizing, motivating and supporting athletes and athletics in the Cayman Islands.  Our overall goal is to advance the growth and recognition of our young Cayman Athletes in the sport of Track and Field. 


SATC is affiliated with the Cayman Islands Athletic Association (CIAA), the governing body of the sport of athletics in the Cayman Islands.  In addition, SATC is affiliated with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), an amateur sports organization based in the United States.  AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs

Vision and Goals

Our vision is to help our athletes reach the highest level of success possible, both on and off the track with good sportsmanship and ethical conduct. Whether our youth members continue with the sport for years, or only for a short time, we aim for this program to create a positive and enriching experience in their lives.


The goal is to build a foundation that opens doors to our senior and youth athletes.  Pushing our senior athletes beyond boundaries to reach their desires of higher-level elite competition and hopefully one day the grand stage.  For our youth athletes, the aim is to provide as many avenues and opportunities as possible at a potential college scholarship.  

We want our athletes to understand that with every dream there is a possibility, with every desire there is hope, with every effort there is growth and when this all combines with dedication and hard work ethic there will be big rewards.

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